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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A school bus brawl was caught on camera, leaving parents frightened to continue sending their children to John Marshall Middle School.

“He’s getting beat up,” a student said in a video. “He’s getting beat up!”

A middle school boy was left laying in a fetal position on the floor of a metro school bus.

“I’m scared for him, and not only him, but my child as well because that could’ve been my child,” a metro mother said. “It can be my child.”

And the 12-year-old behind the camera is a fifth grader at John Marshall Middle School.

His mom was too scared to even show her full identity, praying her child isn’t the next target.

“From the time he leaves the house to when he gets off the bus, I just worry,” the mother said.

“His a** crack is showing,” a student said in the cellphone video. “His a** crack his showing!”

Kids are seen shoving and stomping on the boy.

Then, students pin him down and rip off his clothes.

The mother tells News 4 she bought her son a cell phone for emergencies.

“I said if anything happened call me,” the mother said. “If you can’t get ahold of me, and there’s no adults around, call 911.”

Police are familiar with John Marshall Middle School. They’ve been called to the school countless times this school year and even line the perimeter of the campus.

Teachers and students were seen under dog piles, and now, the all-out brawls are moving to the bus.

Oklahoma City Public Schools officials say they are aware of what happened, but no one has been officially identified.

The full statement reads:

“District leaders were made aware of an incident that occurred between several students on a school bus on their way home from school on Thursday, November 21st.

District and school officials are currently investigating this incident and any student found to be involved will be disciplined in accordance with the OKCPS Student Code of Conduct.

As always, the safety and security of OKCPS students and staff is our top priority.”

OKC Public Schools also tells News 4 if there is video surveillance inside the bus, it will be part of the ongoing investigation.