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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The family of high-profile death row inmate Julius Jones is regrouping after being denied an opportunity to meet with the governor Monday afternoon.

Jones’ family, including his mother Madeline Davis-Jones, hand-delivered a letter to the governor’s office Monday.

They stayed outside the office, hoping to meet with the governor and make their case for why they believe Jones should be released. They went inside the office and made a formal request twice.

Just before 5 p.m., a spokesperson came out and told the family they would not be meeting with them.

“Governor’s gonna take [the letter] into consideration,” he said. “We got a process, not gonna be meeting.”

A person with the Jones family then asked, “Are you saying that he’s refusing to meet?”

The spokesperson then left and closed the door.

Jones family friend, Jimmy Lawson says although they’re disappointed they didn’t get their opportunity to meet with the governor, their message remains the same.

“I think Mama Jones wanted an opportunity to let the governor know that her son is innocent and provide some details that he had never heard before,” he said. “We’ll take it his opportunity to reconvene with our team and then we’ll come up with our plan B.”

Jones’ mother says it’s now in God’s hands.

“We take it one step at a time give an honor to God, to Oklahoma,” she said. “I just thank god with the opportunity.”

The governor has met with attorney and Julius Jones advocate Kelli Masters and the Howell family, both saying they believed he heard their concerns. the Howell family maintains that Jones is the man responsible.

We feel confident Governor Stitt sees past Jones propaganda and sees who Julius Jones really is,” said Paul Howell’s brother Brian after Jones’ clemency hearing. “The facts are and always overwhelming pointed toward his guilt.”

Jones’ execution is scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 18th.