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DUNCAN, Okla. – After over an hour of closing arguments, the jury decided the fate of 17-year-old Chancey Luna.

On Friday afternoon, the jury found Luna guilty of first-degree murder.

In August of 2013, investigators say Luna was in a car with two other teens when they decided to kill someone.

Prosecutors say Luna pulled the trigger, killing 22-year-old Christopher Lane, who was jogging in Duncan.

The prosecution called this case senseless, saying Luna “took Christopher Lane’s life away.”

The prosecution said Lane’s death was unlawful and caused with malice and forethought.

However, the defense disagreed.

The defense admits Luna shot Lane, but he had not planned on shooting him.

“At his age, he can be rehabilitated,” the defense said in its closing.

The maximum punishment Luna faces is life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The jury recommended he be sentenced to the maximum punishment.

After his guilty verdict Luna was escorted to his cell. On the way he quietly said “I’m sorry”, an apology to Lane’s family.

Luna’s Mother, Jennifer, was tearful and angry over the decision.
“They got what they wanted. They took my son and now my heart is black,” Jennifer said. “My son was 16 years old. It was not meant to be. My son is not a killer!”

Knowing Luna will be locked behind bars brings Lane’s family relief.

“This naughty boy is now never going to do this to any other family,” Donna Lane, Chris’s mother, said.
“The decision is just something that finishes a stage. It means it’s not in front of us it’s something else behind us. It doesn’t change the fact that we don’t get to take Chris home. It doesn’t change the fact of what happened,” Peter Lane said.

Lane’s sisters said they have been robbed.

“For me the biggest loss is my girls and that I had a baby girl a year ago and she’ll never get to meet Christopher and she won’t get to enjoy his fun for life,” Andrea Kane, Chris’s sister, said.

“Every day we feel his loss and we just love him so much,” Erin Lane said.

Luna’s sentencing is scheduled for June 16.

The two other teens involved in the case have also been charged.

Michael Jones pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.

Court records show he will serve life in prison and receive credit for time served.

James Edwards Jr. is charged with accessory after the fact.

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