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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma City resident Robert Hashagen has been found guilty of murdering 94-year-old Evelyn Goodall.

Hashagen was found guilty of felony murder – murder in commission of first-degree burglary on Tuesday afternoon.

The jury gave him a sentence of life in prison with the possibility of parole.

Robert Hashagen, Oklahoma County Jail

The jury deliberated for less than three hours.

Hashagen will be sentenced at 2 p.m. on March 4.

The trial was held throughout last week. The last day of testimony was on Monday, with defense witnesses, including members of Hashagen’s family, taking the stand.

Goodall died in a hospital in 2013 after Hashagen broke into her home, bound her with duct tape and savagely beat her. She couldn’t identify her attacker and died from blunt force trauma two days after the brutal attack.

An Oklahoma County Detention Center inmate testified last week that Hashagen admitted to murdering Goodall.

The informant said that Hashagen bragged that some of the DNA evidence was botched. According to the inmate, Hashagen said he got high on meth and went to her home to steal something from her, and that when he went to tie her up, he “tore the hide off her wrists. He recalled Hashagen say, “Really, she murdered herself.”

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Evelyn Goodall, family photo

Also, DNA analysts testified for the state, saying DNA found inside Goodall’s home – specifically, DNA found on a toilet paper roll and in a yellow liquid that may have been urine at the crime scene – could be from Hashagen.

DNA analysts also said DNA found on a bra in Goodall’s home after she was attacked by someone in 2010 could also be from Hashagen.

The DNA analysts said Hashagen “could not be ruled out” as the person the DNA samples came from when comparing them to a DNA he provided investigators.

Hashagen’s attorneys argued the DNA found on on those items could have come from any number of people.

Hashagen’s sister, Mindy Herndon, testified on his behalf on Monday.

Herndon, a longtime neighbor of Goodall, said she considered Goodall family.

Hashagen stayed with Herndon and her husband, Frank, on and off for years.

Herndon insisted Goodall had met Hashagen on multiple occasions, and that if the the woman suspected Hashagen was her attacker, she would have identified him before she died.

Both Herndon and her husband swore during testimony that Hashagen was asleep on the couch on the 2013 morning Goodall was viciously attacked.

Prosecutors, however, fired back that that’s not what they originally told investigators in interviews from after the cold case was picked up again. In fact, prosecutors argued that the couple never told investigators that Hashagen was asleep on the couch.