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LOGAN CO., Okla. – The judge has sentenced Nathan Leforce, the man accused of killing a Logan County deputy in 2017 to life without the possibility of parole.

The jury reached an impasse late Thursday evening and were dismissed. The judge then determined Leforce will serve life without parole.

Formal sentencing will occur September 20.

Leforce was found guilty of first-degree murder, first-degree armed robbery and larceny of a motor vehicle August 20.

On August 21,  a jury recommended sentences of 30 years on the count of larceny of a motor vehicle and 37 years for first-degree armed robbery. It is unknown if these two sentences will be concurrent or consecutive.

Because the state has requested the death penalty, both defense and prosecution presented witnesses as if it is a trial for the count of first-degree murder.

In April 2017, Nathan Leforce was taken into custody for allegedly shooting and killing Logan County Sheriff’s Deputy David Wade.

Wade went by a house along Mulhall Rd. in Logan County to serve an eviction notice. Investigators say footage from Deputy Wade’s body camera captured the moment that Leforce suddenly pulled out a gun and fired several rounds at Wade.

Wade was shot four times in the body and face, but he was still able to call for backup as Leforce stole his patrol car.

Sadly, Wade eventually died from his injuries.

A manhunt ensued for Leforce, who reportedly made a stop at Smitty’s gas station and carjacked a customer.

Several hours later, Leforce was found in Guthrie and taken into custody.

Originally, Leforce’s trial was expected to get underway in October of 2018.

However, Leforce’s attorneys claimed they needed more time to prepare for the trial, and asked for it to be postponed.

According to the Guthrie News Page, the judge said he didn’t want to delay the case, but also didn’t want there to be a chance of a reversal.

The trial was delayed once more and Leforce finally went to court in August of this year.