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OKLAHOMA – If you’ve got a preteen girl at home, you have probably been to a Justice store on more than one occasion.

What you may not know is that the retailer is involved in a class action lawsuit, and you may be owed money.

How much you might receive depends on how much you spent at Justice stores from January of 2012 until February of 2015.

KFOR’s own Heather Holeman is the mother of two adorable tween girls.

“We are Justice junkies. Everything we have, almost, comes from Justice. My girls went out the door today with their backpacks, their coats, their boots, everything from Justice,” Heather said.

She says when she sees all the sale signs at the store, she takes it with a grain of salt.

“Everybody kind of knows when you walk in and you see the same sign every time you go that it’s 40 percent off. You just know that it’s their regular deal… and really what that does is just bring the price to slightly above average,” said Heather, shaking her head.

That’s why the retail chain is facing a $50 million class action lawsuit, for continually advertising deep discounts and sales when, in reality, the “cheaper price” is the real price.

The good news for Oklahoma consumers is this: if you shopped at Justice, you will automatically get a $20 Justice store voucher once the settlement is approved in court.

It gets better.

If you shopped at Justice at least five times in the last three years, submit a claim with receipts or a bank or credit card statement, then you can claim a check.

You have the choice. You can receive a refund of 14 percent of what you spent, or a voucher for 20 percent of your documented purchases.

If you shopped at Justice often, that could really add up… If you act.

“We receive those emails, or we receive those post cards in the mail that we are part of a class that has settled a case and we don’t make that claim,” said Oklahoma City Attorney Chris Smith.

Smith wants to remind anyone out there interested in a refund to file a claim.

Keep in mind, the deadline for submitting a claim is April 4, 2016. That should give you some time to locate those old receipts and bank statements.

Click here for more information or to file a claim, or call 1-877-854-5282.