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WELLSVILLE, Kan. — Kansas Rep. Mark Samsel is out of jail a day after being arrested and charged in Franklin County.

Samsel, who was working as a substitute teacher in Kansas’ Wellsville School District at the time of the allegations, has been charged with misdemeanor battery involving a student. He has since been released on bond.

The incident this week allegedly happened in a high school classroom. Parents and students described it as bizarre behavior. Videos show Samsel ranting at students, talking about sex, suicide and other inappropriate things, even using profanity in front of the students.

Mark Samsel
Mark Samsel

Students reported that Samsel specifically targeted one teen boy, shoving and kicking the student in the groin, according to parents.

The school district said it’s aware of the situation, according to a letter sent to parents Thursday.

“At this time, we are prevented from commenting further on this situation. This is not due to a lack of transparency but due to privacy laws that prevent us from doing so,” Ryan Bradbury, Wellsville Superintendent, said in the letter.

The Republican represents Kansas House District 5, which includes Wellsville and the surrounding area. House leadership have also spoken out on the charges.

“We learned today that Rep. Mark Samsel was involved in an incident and law enforcement was contacted. We are not yet aware of the details, but are in process of gathering as much information as we can,” House Republican leadership said in a joint statement.