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OKLAHOMA CITY – It wasn’t the loss to the Denver Nuggets that Kevin Durant was tweeting about on the social networking site on Friday morning.

Instead, a selfie of Durant smoking a hookah found it’s way onto the Internet shortly after Thursday night’s game.

However,  Durant says he wasn’t the one who posted the picture.

He claims he was hacked.

At 1:15 a.m., the superstar tweeted the following message.

The photo was quickly deleted from his Twitter account before tweeting about the online intruder.

Not everyone believed that he had been hacked.

One Twitter follower, Sammy Baya, was able to garner a response from Durant after telling him to, “Own up to it.”

Baya said, “You know how athletes say that they got hacked and it was probably something that they never should have tweeted? I just told him to own up to it.”

Durant then sent a tweet voicing his disappoint about the alleged hacker, who he says was also texting his contacts odd or disrespectful messages.

Similar to his actions on the court, teammate Nick Collison came to Durant’s defense.

Collison tweeted that when the picture was posted, Durant was outside the bus going through TSA security.

He said Durant didn’t post the picture.

Almost as fast as the posts went up, they were deleted, prompting even more questions.

Baya said, “The only thing I’m confused about is if it’s only him smoking hookah, I don’t know why it’s a big deal, that he would delete it.”

Hookah is a type of pipe used for vaporizing or smoking flavored tobacco.

Hookah is not illegal and adheres to the same rules as cigarettes.

Yousef Elyassin, owner of Zam Zam Mediterranean Grill and Hookah, said, “Just actual tobacco, but flavored.”

Within the past several years, numerous hookah shops have popped up around the metro, geared toward a younger crowd.

Elyassin said, “We have a lot of nonsmokers that use it. It’s a relaxing, social thing.”

The Center for Disease Control says hookah smoking is not a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Experts say tobacco users should quit all tobacco products to reduce health risks.