WHITEHALL, Ohio (KFOR/Storyful) – Police in Whitehall, Ohio say the 16-year-old driver of a stolen car rammed the vehicle into the car parked next to him, as well as police cruisers as he tried to flee a parking lot after a high speed chase. When arrested, police say the driver was laughing.

“It seems these juveniles are not concerned with the ramifications to their actions and they think this is funny,” stated Whitehall Police Chief Mike Crispen.

Police said the 16-year old, along with other juveniles aged 15, 13, and 12, were also suspected of stealing another vehicle on the same day in Grove City, a neighboring town.

When the owner of the blue Hyundai Elantra, seen in the video above, reported the vehicle stolen, police caught up to the vehicle and pursued it from Grove City to Whitehall, before cornering it at a gas station.

Video shows the teen driver then ram at least two police cruisers and the unoccupied car next to him.

Deputy Chief Dan Kelso stated, “We struggle to balance the danger the juveniles create for our citizens while driving these stolen cars, with the danger and havoc they create when we try to take them into custody for their crimes. Furthermore, this comes at a time when we as police experience the same supply chain issues as everyone else when we have to fix our cruisers.”

“When pulled from the stolen car, the driver was smiling and laughing,” the department posted on Facebook. Because the suspects are juveniles, their identities were not released.