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PURCELL, Okla — What boy doesn’t love his bike? For JJ Weaver, it’s right up there with dogs and dirt.

Weaver said, “About time for new tires. I ride my bikes hard. When I’m not trying to get from point A to point B, I spend my time goofing off on it. ”

Recently, a thief stole this 13 year old’s joy right off the front porch.

Every other day, the bike would have been locked up.

JJ told us, “That one day somebody decided to steal it.  I had a neighbor who said you need to report it stolen. ”

John Idlett from the Purcell Police Department took that report and offered a little extra.

The very next day, the Purcell policeman showed up to their house and offered to replace JJ’s bicycle.

JJ’s mom, Crystal Price said, “I get emotional about it because I appreciate what he did. I told him I wanted to pay it back. I never expected that. It was awesome. He’s a great man.”

The 13-year-old is back to wheelies and “goofing off”,  thanks to an unsung hero who went above and beyond his call of duty.

“He’s the nicest man I’ve ever really met and God bless him.  He’s a real nice man.”

Their job is to protect and serve. More often than not, police officers do much, much more!