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KINGFISHER, Okla. – “Obviously we’re going to fight the case,” said Defense Attorney Jarrod Stevenson.

The fight is on in the case of Kingfisher man, Steven Stricker.

He was in court Tuesday for a bond hearing.

Stricker is accused of murdering his long-time girlfriend Brenda Baber.

“It’s murder case… the details are always different… this definitely has some unique features to it,” said Stevenson.

Stricker is also accused of dismembering his girlfriend’s body, burning it, and then throwing it away.

This all started on April 4th.

Court documents sent to News 4 say Brenda was originally reported as a missing person.

The documents say Steven’s sister then spoke with police saying Steven had told her “we lost Brenda” and that he knew how to dismember a body.

He also said “a fireplace works wonders.”

The state filing charges of first degree murder and desecration of a corpse.

“Right now the only evidence that’s been made public is the law enforcement slant of the evidence,” said Stevenson.

Stricker plead not guilty to those charges.

Court documents say he did admit to arguing with Brenda, but claims she fell in the bathtub and hit her head, then died.

That’s when the affidavit says he told police he dismembered her body with a kitchen knife, and burned it in his fire pit.

The affidavit also says investigators found bone fragments in the areas Steven described to them.

Stricker’s attorney is confident this will end up in the hands of a jury.

“The only offers on first degree murder would be life or life without parole … or death penalty … and yes if any of those offers are made we will take our chances with a trial,” said Stevenson.

Stricker’s bond is set at $5,000,000.