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KINGFISHER, Okla. (KFOR) — Officials with Kingfisher Public Schools confirm they are investigating an alleged incident after a football player was tackled several times, allegedly told by the coaches they needed to “toughen him up” at practice. 

“For ten minutes, they went at this boy,” a Kingfisher High School parent, who wanted to remain anonymous, told News 4 over the phone Tuesday. 

She’s talking about an alleged drill at football practice on Monday that has parents outraged. 

“The little boy that was put in the center of what is called ‘king of the ring,’ is what the drill is called,” she said. “They put him in the center because they said that he was being too big of a P**** and he needed to toughen up.”

She said she wanted to remain anonymous in fear of retaliation against her son, who’s on the team.

“His helmet came off three times. He was laying on the ground and they were still hitting him and the coaches didn’t let up,” she said. 

She told News 4 her son stepped in when it was clear the player was in serious pain. 

“He put his arm around his neck and helped walk him off the field, because he couldn’t walk on his own and he was having a hard time breathing,” she said. 

News 4 talked to people around town who heard about what happened. 

“I just heard that there was hazing and that it got really dangerous,” Alexa Caro said. 

“It’s just like any kind of sport, like any martial art. Someone is going to get hurt eventually,” Zachariah Jones said. 

The superintendent for Kingfisher Public Schools, Jason Sternberger, said he’s received calls about the alleged incident and the district is investigating. 

“I am scared that it’s not going to end until one of our kids is badly injured or dead out there on the practice field,” the parent said.