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SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – Actress Kirstie Alley is defending her decision to vote for President Donald Trump and is responding to all the naysayers.

On Saturday, Alley made her opinion known, tweeting “I’m voting for @realDonaldTrump because he’s NOT a politician,” the actress tweeted. “I voted for him 4 years ago for this reason and shall vote for him again for this reason. He gets things done quickly and he will turn the economy around quickly. There you have it folks there you have it.”

Social media was quick to sound off on Alley’s choice, including some of her fellow Hollywood bigwigs.

Filmmaker Judd Apatow criticized Alley, tweeting “Shelly Long was way funnier than you,” a reference to actress Shelley Long, whose departure from “Cheers” cleared the way for the addition of Alley’s character, Rebecca Howe.

Actress Patricia Arquette tweeted, “Well my vote for Biden canceled yours out. I have done my civic duty of the day.”

Alley responded to the negativity, tweeting she couldn’t express her opinion without being attacked. 

“Don’t think I’ve ever seen so much name-calling in my life,” she tweeted about 30 minutes after her first post. “Definitely not on my site here anyway I guess I’m not allowed to have a viewpoint without being called a really nasty names by what I’m going to suppose are really nasty people.”

Alley later tweeted a reminder for her followers to “Stick to your guns.”