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The alleged fried rat that was found by a KFC customer is nothing more than another piece of chicken in the bucket.

Last week, a California man named Devorise Dixon claimed that a piece of meat that came in his KFC meal was a fried rat.

“It was very nasty,” he said. “I spit it out. I looked down at my hand and I realized that it was in the shape of a rat with a tail and everything in it.”

Independent lab results showed that the breaded lump was, in fact, a piece of chicken.

KFC spokesman Rodrigo Coronel said the man who made the false claim “wasn’t cooperating with an investigation,” so his attorney obtained the ‘rat’ and gave it to an independent lab for testing.

Coronel also alleged that Dixon lied about being told the piece of chicken was a rat.

“We did an internal investigation and talked to all employees. That statement is false,” Coronel wrote. “The right thing for this customer to do is to apologize and cease making false claims about the KFC brand.”


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