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OKLAHOMA CITY — The last survivor of the USS Oklahoma reportedly passed away Saturday night, Jan. 2, 2016.

“Ed moved to Oklahoma in 2007 when his wife died. That’s when he became an Oklahoman. He was actually born in College Station,” said Scotty “Dee” Deatherage.

Since moving to Oklahoma, Ed Vezey kept busy.

He helped establish the memorial for the USS Oklahoma in Hawaii.

“Ed was one of the finest Americans that ever lived,” said Deatherage.

He’s remembered by many for having a huge impact on Oklahoma veterans and the general public.

“He had an incredible sense of what was going on. He was a very intelligent man and you sit back and think about the time you got to visit with him and now he is gone,” Deatherage said. “So those memories are important to us as Oklahomans.”

Vezey was serving on the USS Oklahoma when Pearl Harbor was bombed.

429 men died that day.

“When it capsized for several days couple of weeks as they were trying to rescue those sailors, they could hear the hammers from the trapped inside to let them know they were still alive. But they couldn’t get to them,” Deatherage said. “The agony of knowing that those men are going to be there forever, those who survived carried that with them.”

Ed Vezey was 95 years old.