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OKLAHOMA CITY – Following a controversial decision by the Oklahoma Supreme Court, a group of lawmakers called for judicial reform and the impeachment of seven justices.

On Tuesday, the Oklahoma Supreme Court voted 7-2 that the Ten Commandments Monument at the Oklahoma Capitol must be removed.

After the decision, Reps. Kevin Calvey, John Bennett, Casey Murdock, Lewis Moore, Dan Fisher and George Faught  called the for the impeachment of the seven justices who ruled for the plaintiff in the case.

“Our state Supreme Court is playing politics by issuing rulings contrary to the Constitution, and contrary to the will of the clear majority of Oklahoma voters,” said Calvey. “These Supreme Court justices are nothing more than politicians in black robes, masquerading as objective jurists. This ruling is the Court engaging in judicial bullying of the people of Oklahoma, pure and simple. It is time that the people chose jurists, rather than letting a tiny special interest group of lawyers at the Oklahoma Bar Association dictate who can and can’t be a judge.”

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