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OKLAHOMA CITY — Move right or get a ticket. You see it every day on highways across the state: Drivers cruising in the passing lane.

But soon, hogging the left lane will cost you a hefty price.

“You cannot get in that left lane, you cannot hang out in that left lane, even if you’re going fast,” said OHP Trooper Dwight Durant.

In November, Oklahoma drivers will face some new rules on the road that will steer drivers away from the passing lane.

“Starting November 1st, you will not be able to travel in the left lane, permanently,” Durant said.

Lawmakers passed the measure this year, saying “a vehicle may not be driven in the left lane except when overtaking and passing another vehicle.”

However, troopers tells us there are a few exceptions, such as construction and emergencies, and say drivers going too slow in the left lane is a recipe for a disaster.

“That creates a hazard, a traffic hazard that can possibly and it has caused some crashes and road rage. Let’s face it, people get mad,” said Durant.

Drivers tell us it’s a law they’re ready for.

“I think it should be passed, honestly driving what I drive, a box truck, you get stuck in that lane,” said Leif Shannon.

Shannon said he even spotted one of those drivers on Tuesday.

“Actually this morning on the way here, on the turnpike, there was a semi in the left lane going 45 mile an hour, and he wouldn’t get out of it. I was stuck behind him for a long time,” Shannon said.

Shannon said he wants the measure to go into effect right now.

“You know, you can’t get around somebody that you need to. It’s horrible and it just slows down progress, slows down traffic, causes traffic jams all the time,” he said.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation has installed ‘Slower traffic keep right’ and ‘Do not impede left lane’ signs in 234 locations along I-35 and I-40 across the state, except in the metro area.