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OKLAHOMA CITY – Starting November 1, motorists in Oklahoma could receive a fine for driving too long in the left lane.

There are already regulations on the books that say you can’t impede traffic when driving in the left lane.

Now, you could receive a $236 ticket if you do more than just pass someone in that left lane.

“We’ve all seen the semis that are side by side that are doing the speed limit or slightly under the speed limit, and they hang out there and that causes congested traffic behind them, people get road rage, causes events where we have crashes,” said Trooper Dwight Durant of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. “Those are the things that we are trying to eliminate.”

Durant said officers will use discretion when enforcing the law.

Not all Oklahomans think the new law is entirely about safety.

“I believe it’s going to be used to be the basis for traffic stops that they may not otherwise be able to make… for smelling the odor of marijuana and doing warrant-less searches of cars and seizing assets,” said Attorney Jacqui Ford.

Signs are currently up on the state’s major interstates to remind drivers of the new law. More will be posted in the months to come.