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OKLAHOMA CITY – America’s Got Talent is a hit again this Summer and recently, two rappers from Oklahoma City, Lil Mike and Funny Bone, made quite an impression on viewers.

Unfortunately, last week, the judges booted them off the show.

On stage, standing just over four feet tall, there was no way judges were going to overlook the rapping brothers.

“We rocked it and the crowd, they loved it,” Funny Bone said. “I mean, we got a big response from them and the judges, they were shocked.”

A response Lil Mike and Funny Bone have been waiting to hear.

They auditioned for America’s Got Talent two years ago with no luck.

This season, they say show producers called them.

“They said their producer saw a video on YouTube and they loved it,” Funny Bone said. “They wanted us to audition.”

However, for round two in Las Vegas, the judges said no because they felt the pair was unprepared.

“They thought we didn’t take it seriously; I think they were expecting more dancing than rapping,” the brothers said.

Back home, they still perform at clubs, churches and that’s not all.

“We did a funeral once,” Funny Bone said.

What happened in Las Vegas isn’t stopping these brothers.