ANTARCTICA (KFOR/Storyful) – Using a GoPro camera, a crew member aboard the US Coast Guard’s Polar Star ice-cutting ship captured beautiful sounds beneath the ice-covered waters in Antarctica, as a pod of killer whales communicated back and forth.

USCG Fireman Niall Shannon posted on Instagram, “Finally got a good recording of the orchestra.”

Two weeks later, Shannon also captured video of a curious minke whale swimming directly next to the camera, as if it were exploring the foreign object in its waters.

“Got this vid on a fluke! Was recording a pod of Orcas surfacing minutes prior when this Antarctic Minke Whale swam through and surfaced a few times. Antarctic Minke is the primary prey of Type A Orcas!” he posted.

The USCG’s Polar Star makes an annual trek to a US research station in Antarctica on a mission called “Operation Deep Freeze,” in which the ship breaks up miles of thick ice.