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CASHION, Okla. – A young boy in Cashion is recovering from a brutal dog attack, but his parents say if it wasn’t for his little brother, the kindness of neighbors and his own quick thinking, it could have been much worse.

Just like most six and eight year olds, Creed and Coleman Wagner love to take their bikes for a spin.

“We usually go over there to find someone to play,” Coleman said.

On Labor Day weekend, after dinner one night, they asked their mom Sheri if they could do just that.

“I was like, yeah, sounds good,” she recalled. “They wanted to have some Nerf wars.”

But a few houses down while looking for friends, the boys faced danger.

“I put my kickstand down and they pulled me off of the bike,” Coleman recalled.

Inside an invisible fence, two Rottweilers started attacking Coleman, leaving him with bite marks, scratches and road rash.

“One was kind of nicer because he was just biting my finger and like, barking, but the other one was mean because he was dragging me by my foot,” he said. “It mostly scared me because I did not want to die.”

Though his body was under attack, Coleman’s mind was clear.

He told Creed to go get help.

“He was just banging on the door and dinging on the doorbell five times and finally they came out,” Coleman said.

Neighbors Gary and Betty Beatty and their daughter Katie Best rushed to help.

“She went over and she laid on top of Coleman,” Sheri said of Katie.

Everyday heroes – Gary pulled the dogs off the badly injured boy.

Betty tended to his wounds.

“The wonderful thing was I didn’t know she was a nurse and he got the nurse,” said Coleman.

At the hospital that night, the family was met by a swarm of friends.

“They almost beat us to the hospital,” said Shane Wagner, the boys’ dad.

“It was like Christmas over there,” said Coleman.

After three nights at OU Children’s Hospital, Coleman went home and was ready to get back to school.

“He has been so resilient,” Sheri said.

The Wagners have no ill will toward the Rottweilers’ owners.

They say the dogs were contained responsibly in an invisible fence like most in their neighborhood, and they didn’t know their children were at risk of danger.

“We love them just as much as we love anybody, so it could have happened to anybody, we’re just grateful for the outcome,” Sheri said.

Scars cover the little boy’s body now, but they’ll always remind the young brothers of the importance of looking out for each other.

“Coleman told him where to go, told him exactly what to do – all of this going on while he’s got dogs on top of him,” Shane said. “It’s pretty incredible.”

The dogs’ owners weren’t home at the time of the attack.

Coleman has scars but is expected to recover fully.