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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Dozens of former employees of an Oklahoma City delivery company who did not get their last two paychecks are now receiving help.

On Dec. 31, employees of Taytan Delivery were greeted by a sign on the company’s door that read,

“Unfortunately, as of today 12/31/2019, Taytan Delivery is [no] longer in business. You will be paid as soon as I am paid by my customers. Thank you for your cooperation.”

“Nobody got paid and we just seen the sign on the door,” Crystal Pahcoddy, a former Taytan employee, said. “We just want our money. That’s all we want.”

Pahcoddy told News 4 that the nearly 80 employees were all still owed two paychecks.

“It’s just wrong. It’s wrong,” Sarah Smith, another former employee, said.

When management at Dedicated Logistics Solutions, another local delivery service, heard about what happened, they decided to step in and help.

“It is very sad,” Augusta Kakubo, Operations and Customer Services Manager for DLS, said. “We’re willing to help in any way that we can as far as contracting the drivers. We do contracted work, so we can get them jobs, get them stationed at places and start making some income.”

After our first story aired, News 4 heard from Taytan’s neighboring company, Kimray.

Officials at Kimray told KFOR that they were able to contact members of Taytan and are providing $20,000 in assistance to help employees get back on their feet.

“We hope that this will help bridge the gap they’re currently facing and provide some stability until they can find new employment,” Kevin Blankenship, Kimray manager of communications, wrote in an email. Blankenship continued, “Our mission is making a difference, this includes our team members, customers, neighbors, and community. Our CEO says we may not be able to change the world, but we can change the world for someone. Because you cannot live your best life, until others are living theirs.”