CLEVELAND COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – A disturbing discovery in a Cleveland County home – 10 dead dogs. The shocking case started in June after a delivery driver called law enforcement.

On June 23, The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office said they were tipped off to a foul stench at a home in Newalla. Responding deputies recognized the odor as decaying flesh.

Inside the home, authorities reported finding 10 dead dogs.

“It was awful,” said Sheriff Chris Amason. “It’s so horrific to see those scenes.”

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Conditions of the home where 10 dogs were found dead. Image from Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office.

He explained there were still several living dogs in the feverishly hot home.

“So, it was deplorable conditions,” he continued. “There were feces all over the ground, no food or water for the dogs. Obviously, the dead carcasses of the animals that had passed away were in rotting conditions, and of course, the heat accelerates things as well.”

Christine Darnell Lewis now faces felony animal cruelty charges for the state of the animals.

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Christine Darnell Lewis, mugshot Cleveland County Detention Center

According to a police report, it turns out she’s a groomer at a pet store in Norman.

Lewis told deputies “she had let her house go” and that the dead dogs had died from sickness and fighting each other.

“I hate it,” Amason said. “I’m a dog lover, an animal lover in general and to see the animals that had to suffer like this is just heartbreaking.”

There were five dogs still alive in the home. They’ve since been taken to Oklahoma City Animal Welfare.