OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – 10 more people have been arrested in the mass shooting on April 1 at Whiskey Barrel Saloon in Southwest Oklahoma City. The shooting left three dead and three injured; police say it had to do with biker gangs.

“This was an establishment in west Oklahoma city where there were rival biker gangs in there. And really quite a large shootout,” said Gary Knight, M.Sgt. OKC Police Department.

According to the arrest warrant, 14 people met in the parking lot around 8:53 at night on April 1.

A minute later, members from the Bandidos motorcycle club, the Ghostman, the Barbaros, and the Homietos club gathered by the back door.

Police say in the minutes that followed, a fight broke out that eventually led to gunfire. Douglas Jacobs, Nicklus Sweet, and Tyler Myers were arrested back in April. Myers arrested on complaints of first degree murder.

Wednesday, May 11, Oklahoma City Police arrested 10 more in connection to the shooting.

“It was our department, Oklahoma City Police along with OHP and the United States Marshal service. So we all teamed up to serve the warrants in various parts of the metro area,” said Knight.

Clayton Owens (36 yrs old), Eric Samaniego (35 yrs old), Glen Knight (44 yrs old), Jefferson Girard (56 yrs old), Raymond Stauffer (50 yrs old), Richard Kamm (48 yrs old), Ricky Turpin (45 yrs old), Ryan Floyd (48 yrs old), Shane Overby (35 yrs old), Tyler Lewis (27 yrs old)

They cover a multitude of charges including accessory to murder in the first degree, conspiracy, and gang related offenses.

“There’s always the possibility for even more arrests, said Knight. Now, there is new signage posted at the Whiskey Barrel. The owner told News 4 off camera, business has been slow and most of her evening staff quit after the shooting.

Oklahoma City Police says this is an ongoing investigation.