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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — A 10-year-old girl is recovering after she was attacked by a pack of her neighbors dogs Monday.

“Scared, frightened, if I’m going to get help,” said Aurora Golden trying to describe what was going through her mind when she was attacked by the seven dogs Monday afternoon on the 700 block of SE 41st Steet.

She said she frequently helped round them up for the neighbor when they would get out.

On Monday, they escaped and toppled some garbage cans. After Golden got them back in their yard, she went to pick up the garbage, but again they escaped. They approached Golden and started barking at her.

“I was still picking up trash because they usually just bark at me,” Golden said.

But this time, it was more.

“One of them bit me and they all started biting me,” she said.

Golden started screaming for help.

“They were biting at my face, my head,” she said.

Fortunately, a tree trimmer and his partner heard those cries for help, rushed over, and started kicking the dogs off of Golden.

“Looked like they was playing at first then all of a sudden we saw one tugging on her leg and I saw blood,” said tree trimmer David Martin. “It was crazy, hardest thing I’ve ever seen, I never want to see it again.”

Golden was rushed to the hospital, receiving stitches on lacerations on her ear, back, arms, and legs, and treated for bite punctures all over her body.

The canines returned to their yard after Animal Welfare officers arrived, but all seven were later handed over to authorities by their owner.

Officials said this should serve as a warning, even when it comes to dogs you trust.

“There is such a thing as pack mentality, and things that happen where dog energy level rises, and it can affect how the other dogs behave,” said Oklahoma Animal Welfare Superintendent Jon Gary. “You always need to be cautious.”

Gary said it’s unknown whether possession of dangerous animal charges will be filed against the owners.