MOORE, Okla. (KFOR) – 10 years ago, 25 lives total were lost during a devastating two-day tornado outbreak. It was one of the most tragic moments in Oklahoma history.

“10 years have passed since a devastating tornado tore through our community leaving behind a broad path of destruction and heart ache,” said Richie Splitt. Norman Regional Health Systems CEO.

The scene from May 20, 2013, is horrifying. A deadly EF-5 tornado grinded through the south metro and the town of Moore killing multiple people. Dozens gathered Friday morning inside Norman Regional Hospital in Moore to remember those who died that day. Among those that died were seven young students from Moore’s Plaza Towers Elementary School.

“Today, we gather not to dwell on the pain of the past, but to commemorate the strength, resilience and sheer determination that emerged from the rubble on that day,” Splitt said.

Everyone in attendance also heard stories of where they were and what they remember.

“Many lost their homes, their property, photographs of memories, and some lost things even more valuable than that. People they love,” said Mark Hamm. A Moore city councilmember.

“We always kind of sit back and talk about the storm and how blessed my entire family is to be here,” said Shayla Taylor. A survivor of the tornado.

One of them was Shayla Taylor. She’s a nurse at the hospital now, but 10 years ago she was a patient there and pregnant with her son Braeden. She was about to give birth to him as the tornado bore down on the hospital and she had to take shelter on the second floor in a room with no windows.

“I just always had a sense of calm and just knowing that I was in good hands,” Taylor said.

She ended up being OK and was moved somewhere else after the storm blew through to have her son. Now she said she’s incredibly proud of the community for coming out of the storm stronger than before.

“It’s one thing to rebuild once, it’s one thing to rebuild twice, but to keep rebuilding time after time,” she said. “It’s the love and the sense of community.”

Governor Kevin Stitt issued a proclamation declaring May 20 Moore Remembrance Day.