MOORE, Okla. (KFOR) – It has been 10 years since a devastating storm pattern brought several large, deadly tornadoes to the Sooner State.

On May 19, 2013, eight tornadoes touched down across the state of Oklahoma. Of those twisters, an EF-4 that hit Cleveland and Pottawatomie counties was the strongest.

May 19, 2013 tornado
May 19, 2013 tornado. Image KFOR

The tornado leveled most of the Steelman Estates Mobile Home community, just off of Hwy 102.

More than 100 homes and structures in Pottawatomie County were destroyed and 100 others were damaged in Bethel Acres and part of Shawnee.

The tornado also hit Carney, Bethel Acres, Wellstone, and Prague before the day was over.

In all, two people were killed in the Shawnee area, 79-year-old Glen Irish and 76-year-old Billy Hutchinson.

As many families were recovering from the storm, they had no idea an even larger tornado would hit the Sooner State in a matter of hours.

Newscastle Moore tornado dashcam - Newcastle Police Chief Greg Norman
Newscastle Moore tornado dashcam – Newcastle Police Chief Greg Norman

On May 20, 2013, a tornado touched down near Chickasha and began to rapidly intensify.

It then produced a tornado on the west side of Newcastle and moved east/northeast into the city of Moore and parts of south Oklahoma City.

The tornado tore through a 17-mile long path before it finally dissipated near Lake Stanley Draper.

By the time it hit Moore, it had recorded winds over 200 miles per hour and was over a mile wide.

May 20, 2013 Moore tornado damage
May 20, 2013 Moore tornado damage. Image KFOR

Tragically, 25 people were killed in the EF-5 tornado, including seven students at Plaza Tower Elementary School.

  • Terri Long in memoriam
  • Megan Futrell in memoriam
  • Case Futrell in memoriam
  • Shannon Quick in memoriam
  • Sydnee and Karrina Vargyas in memoriam
  • Jeany Nealy in memoriam
  • Antonia Candelaria in memoriam
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  • Janae Hornsby in memoriam
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  • Richard Brown in memoriam
  • Kathryn Begay
  • Xavier Delgado

The victims are as follows:

Begay died in August 2013 after suffering a massive head injury in the tornado, leading to a heart attack and two strokes.

In 2018, 14-year-old Xavier Delgado took his own life after suffering from PTSD due to surviving the tornado inside Plaza Towers Elementary while seven of his friends did not, making him the storm’s 26th victim.

More than 300 people were injured in the storm and the damage cost an estimated $2 billion.

There hasn’t been an EF5 recorded anywhere in the world since that day.

In 2013, there were 57 tornadoes recorded across Oklahoma. In an average year, Oklahoma typically sees 41 tornadoes during the spring.