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WARNING: The above video features images of a graphic nature.

SEMINOLE, Okla. (KFOR) – An 11-year-old boy is fighting for his life at OU Children’s after two dogs attacked him while he was on a bike ride in Seminole.

“I am like why him?” Kristin Reizer said. “It should’ve been me.”

Kristin Reizer’s 11-year-old son, Eathen, is lying in a hospital bed wrapped in gauze from head to toe.

Underneath the bandages, there are bone-deep gashes from the jaws of a pair of his neighbor’s dogs.

“It looked like a shark bite,” Reizer said. “His whole left arm was gone.”

The bloody scene happened as Eathen pedaled his bike to a friend’s house in Seminole, locking eyes with two Shepard mixes along the way.

“They weren’t going to attack,” Reizer said. “They were going to kill.”

The pair pulled him off his bike and pinned him to the ground. They went after his legs first and then his neck.

“For a second he says he was going to give up, and then he got so mad and said I am not going to die here,” Reizer said.

The fifth grader was bleeding out but had an idea that would save his life.

“He got the blood off his arm and rubbed it on one of the dog’s so they would attack each other instead,” Reizer said.

The dogs were distracted while Eathen dragged his body to a nearby front porch. The neighbor called 911.

His family rushed to the scene to follow the ambulance on the excruciating hour drive to OU Children’s in OKC for emergency surgery.

“You could see the bone,” Reizer said. “You could see tendons.”

Seminole police say both dogs were put down.

Meanwhile Eathen is staying strong, as he has several more surgeries ahead.

Doctor’s say he has a 50-50 shot in keeping his arm.

“That is what is scary,” Reizer said. “He says if he loses it he wants a robot arm, but I keep telling him he’s not losing the arm.”

Seminole police tell News 4 the investigation is ongoing and it’s unclear if charges will be filed against the owner of the dogs.

Eathen is scheduled for another surgery on Friday and will have to be at OU Children’s for at least a month.