CLINTON, Okla. (KFOR) – A 12-year-old girl in Clinton saved her family from a potentially fatal fire Saturday.

Deysi Aguirre said she had fallen asleep on the couch in her living room when the sounds of flames cracking woke her up. She said the fire had started right next to where she was sleeping.

As soon as she saw the fire, Aguirre started calling for her aunt.

Aguirre’s aunt came rushing in and tried to unplug the electrical cords that had caught fire, but Aguirre said it was too late.

Aguirre and her aunt quickly worked to wake up the other six family members in the house, three cousins and three siblings.

Once everyone was awake, Aguirre said she rushed everyone out, even carrying a family member.

Aguirre said she then knocked on a neighbor’s door where 9-1-1 was later called.

“It was about 2:30 in the morning. There were reports of large amounts of fire coming from a house, so whenever we show up, that’s exactly what we saw,” said Lt. Dylan Abner with the Clinton Fire Department.

Abner told KFOR once he and other firefighters arrived on scene, everyone was outside of the house which “it’s for us a big relief.”

The large amounts of fire were said to be extinguished within the first 30 seconds to a minute.

Although no one was injured, Abner said the house is a total loss.

“The fire started in the living room and the large amounts of the fire damage itself was in the living room and kitchen, but there is heat and smoke damage throughout the whole house. The fire itself never extended into the back bedrooms,” added Abner.

Abner added if Aguirre had not gotten the family out of the house when she did that it could’ve been fatal.

Aguirre and her family have not been back to the house since then. This afternoon, was their first time walking through.

Aguirre said she felt “sadness” walking through as three years worth of memories were covered in ash.

Children’s books were blackened, the walls were covered in charcoal and the ceiling was gone.

Aguirre walked KFOR into her bedroom where she and her siblings’ hand paintings covered the wall, but most of what was left in that room was destroyed.

Although she feels sorrow over the things she has lost, Aguirre said she is grateful for her family making it out alive.

Because of her heroism, Aguirre earned the first ever Clinton Fire Department Bravery and Courage Award.

“She’s an amazing little girl. You know, she’s far beyond her years,” said Abner. “It’s just something that we felt like we should do for her, and we gave her the award and honored her here locally with the newspaper. She got some flowers and and a challenge coin from us as well.”

News 4 asked Aguirre if she was shocked to receive the award, and she said yes. We also asked if she felt like a hero, to which she also said yes.

“Everyone told me I’m a hero. I feel good because I saved my family,” said Aguirre.

Aguirre said she and her family have since moved into a rental home for the time being. Her award now hangs proudly in the room she’s in.

The Clinton Fire Department is accepting donations on behalf of the family.

Those donations can either be sent or dropped off at the Clinton Fire Station at 212 S. 4th St.

Monetary donations can also be sent via Venmo to @CFDWA. That money will be hand delivered to the family.

Abner said the children have been taken care of regarding the necessities they need, but the parents are in need of clothing.

The family is looking for men’s pants in a size 34×34 and shirts in a size large. The family is also asking for women’s pants in a size 3 and shirts in a size small.