OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A five-year investigation into the Irish Mob Gang has led to 125 people being convicted in multiple federal cases.

Over the course of the investigation, federal, state, and local law enforcement used various investigative tools and techniques, including a dozen court-approved wire taps on phones used by the prison gang network.

Officials say more than half of the wire taps were on contraband cell phones smuggled into state prisons that were used to direct trafficking operations.

In addition to convicting 125 Irish Mob Gang members and associates, law enforcement seized more than 525 pounds of methamphetamine and heroin, 212 firearms, and $600,000 in drug proceeds and property.

The gang members and associates were convicted of crimes like drug trafficking, drug conspiracy, money laundering, witness retaliation, witness tampering, maintaining drug premises, illegal firearms possession, and possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia.

“This wide-spread drug trafficking operation was primarily directed and controlled by incarcerated gang members using contraband cell phones from their state prison cells,” said United States Attorney Robert J. Troester.  “Now, 125 gang members and associates have been held accountable, more than 525 pounds of deadly drugs have been taken off the streets, and 212 firearms have been taken out of the hands of criminals.  I commend the outstanding effort and long-term coordinated teamwork of law enforcement partners led by the FBI, Oklahoma City Police Department, and IRS-Criminal Investigation, who worked closely with the dedicated and outstanding prosecutors in my office.”

Early in the investigation, death threats were made against two prosecutors by IMG associates.

Throughout the investigation, officials say potential acts of violence were prevented, ranging from shootings to kidnappings and assaults.

“These prosecutions are an important victory for the American public.  The laundering of illegal drug profits is as important and essential to drug traffickers as the very distribution of their illegal drugs,” said Christopher Altemus, IRS Criminal Investigation, Special Agent in Charge, Dallas Field Office.  “Without these ill-gotten gains, the traffickers cannot finance their organizations. The role of IRS-CI in narcotics investigations is to follow the money to financially disrupt and dismantle drug trafficking and money laundering organizations.  We are proud to provide our financial expertise as we work alongside our law enforcement partners to bring criminals to justice.”