OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma City family is desperately searching for a missing 13-year-old girl after she didn’t return home from school two weeks ago.

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Keionne Jackson has been missing for two weeks. Have you seen her?

Thirteen-year-old Keionne Jackson lives with her older sister Jasmine Jackson. The Oklahoma City Police Department are helping her in their search.

“She’s not going to just go be in the street without a plan,” Jasmine said. “My sister’s very intelligent, but she’s still 13 and she still needs to be at home.”

Jasmine said on the morning of Jan. 6, she dropped Keionne off at Taft Middle School, located at 2901 NW 23rd St. She reports that her little sister didn’t come home on the bus after school that day.

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Keionne Jackson

“I’m growing worried,” Jasmine said. “She’s not going to school. We still don’t know where she’s at.”

Jasmine is worried her sister might be with her non-custodial mother, saying her father has custody of Keionne.

“Maybe [she’s] with her mom, but her mom says she doesn’t know where she’s at, so, in that case, then I don’t know,” she said. “If she’s with her mother, OK, better her be there than on the streets somewhere, but that’s not where she’s supposed to be legally.”

Jasmine said police have told her they did not see Keionne at her mother’s house when they visited on the day she went missing.

“They said when they went over there that she was not there and that they spoke to her mom, and mom says she has not spoken with her and she doesn’t know where she’s at,” Jasmine explained. “But a student at the school told us the day she went missing, she called her mom from their cell phone.”

Missing persons flyer for Kieonne Jackson
Call Oklahoma City Police if you see Keionne Jackson or know of her whereabouts.

She said she also went with police to the mother’s house on Jan. 10. No one came to the door when they knocked.

KFOR spoke with OKCPD on Jan. 19 and they told us Keionne is considered a runaway. They said that the 7th grader hasn’t been abducted and there’s no evidence that she’s in any danger. They report that they are looking for her and have asked for the public’s help on social media.

“It just grows more and more to the question of OK, what is this going to lead to?” Jasmine asked. “If she’s not with her mother then where is she? She doesn’t need to be at some friend’s or over here or over there. She needs to be at home.”

Keionne is described as 5-foot-4-inches, 130 pounds and as having brown eyes. Anyone who sees her or has any information on her whereabouts is asked to call the Oklahoma City Police Department at (405) 297-1000.