YUKON, Okla. (KFOR) – Officials say 143 pounds of marijuana is off the streets and two people are in custody after a traffic stop in Yukon. 

“Our officers were patrolling around I-40 and Frisco Rd.,” said Deputy Chief John Brown, with the Yukon Police Department. “They observed a vehicle with out-of-state license plates that was basically swerving within the lane on the highway.” 

Yukon police eventually pulled the driver over and when they approached the vehicle, they noticed the smell of marijuana.  

“The driver admitted to having some personal-use marijuana inside the car,” Brown said. 

But under some blankets, officers found trash bags filled with 143 pounds of it.  

“I don’t believe the driver was going to tell the officer that she had that much marijuana inside the car,” Brown said.  

Police say the driver, Ericka Sanchez, and her passenger, Zacha Cruz Ayala, were from New York and illegally transporting the marijuana through the state.  

Credit: Canadian County Jail

“Oklahoma does recognize the medical marijuana industry and you have to have permits and licenses to transport or be in possession of Oklahoma medical marijuana,” said Brown. “We don’t believe they obtained this marijuana in Oklahoma. We believe they picked it up in another state and were traveling back to New York with the marijuana.” 

Officers did determine the driver was not intoxicated.  

Both suspects were arrested for trafficking marijuana.