WATONGA, Okla. (KFOR) – A 15-year-old boy from Blaine County is fighting for his life after his family said he was shot in the head. The parents of Issac Sanders are now spending their days at an Oklahoma City hospital as doctors treat him.

“It’s so surreal,” said stepfather Kirk Huff. “Just trying to wrap your mind around what’s happening, my boy’s laying up in the hospital with a bullet in his head.”

Issac’s parents said that on Oct. 21, while the teen was at his girlfriend’s house in Watonga, an unfriendly acquaintance of his entered through the unlocked front door uninvited.

They said a dispute arose and the acquaintance shot Issac in the head.

Issac was flown by medical helicopter to Oklahoma City, where doctors told his parents a bullet is stuck in his brain.

Issac Sanders. Image courtesy Sha-Marie Huff.

“And if they remove it, he’ll bleed out, is how they describe it to us,” said mother Sha-Marie Huff. 

Doctors will attempt to repair his skull fractures, but fear that taking the bullet out would kill him. 

As the Watonga Police Department investigates the incident, the parents are devastated that their son will never be the same. 

“There are bone fragments and bullet shrapnel still in his brain that will probably be there for the rest of his life,” the stepfather explained.

The mother said right now Issac’s mental abilities are significantly weakened, but she said he was able to tell them what happened.

“That boy is a living miracle,” she said. “He shouldn’t be alive. He should not be alive. So just the fact that he’s here, we’re grateful, but he’s not out of the woods yet.”

When KFOR asked Watonga Police about the incident they told us a shooting involving a juvenile did occur on Oct. 21 and they are actively investigating.

Issac’s family asks that anyone with info on the incident please contact the Watonga Police Department.