OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — A 17-year-old is thankful to be alive after he was bit by a pygmy rattlesnake early Wednesday morning.

They are one of 30 venomous species in the United States and especially active during the summer.

The Church family lives on a farm with more than 40 acres near Prague. They said they deal with snakes all the time, but this is the first time that one has got inside their house and bit someone, and hopefully the last.

Johnathan Church was getting out of bed to grab a drink of water. What he didn’t know, a pygmy rattle snake had slithered into his room overnight. He took a step toward the door and next thing he knew, he felt something bite his foot.

“It was shocking and terrifying,” Johnathan said. “The pain at first was like a five out of ten.”

“I was kind of panicked because we get a lot of snakes, but we haven’t actually gotten bit by one yet, so I was a little petrified,” Diana Church, Johnathan’s mother said.

Diana is a retired nurse so she started treating her son, but without being confident on what kind of snake it was, she was worried of what could happen.

“We were afraid that it would swell more and he would lose his foot or at least get some damage from the bite,” Diana said.

Thankfully doctors said the snake only got Johnathan with one fang so they were able to treat the bite and prevent it from getting worse.

“They said that he might need crutches depending on how it feels tomorrow, but they’re going to let him go home tomorrow if there’s no change in his labs,” Diana said.

Johnathan is happy to be going back home tomorrow but he said he’s keeping an extra eye out moving forward.

“I’m still terrified of snakes, of course,” Johnathan said. “And, well, I don’t want to ever get near one again.”

Johnathan is going into his senior year of high school this fall and while he says its going to be a great story to tell once he gets back in the classroom, he’s happy he will be telling it with his foot still attached to his body.