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CHANDLER, Okla. (KFOR) – An 18 year old who was allegedly forced to live in a barn in Meeker back in 2018 when he was 15, took the stand as the trial continues for his father, Jimmy Jones Sr., who is accused of child neglect in Lincoln County.

Day three of the trial is a very significant one. The 18 year old testified, but there was also a big turn of events for the defense.

The day started with the doctor that cared for the boy for weeks after he was taken out of the barn. He testified about the boy having recently broken bones in his hands, ribs and foot. The doctor said they gave him only food, no other medicines and that he gained 16 pounds and grew 1.2 inches in the 39 days he was at OU Children’s Hospital.

The 18 year old then elected to take the stand. He told jurors he was “living in filth” as he described the deplorable conditions in the barn where he was allegedly forced to live when he was an adolescent.

He talked of no running water or working toilets, and animal feces everywhere. He also described being beaten over the head by his father with a cattle pole, then being handcuffed to a trailer outside. That’s when he said maggots got into the open wounds, which his father then allegedly closed with superglue.

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Jimmy Jones Sr.

He never received medical help after that or when he says his dad shot him in the leg with a shotgun.

The 18 year old also said he never saw a doctor after his father knocked out a tooth after another beating. The boy says he was allowed one cold shower a week. He said he was only allowed to eat leftovers that were about to spoil, only sporadically inside the main house late at night, after the rest of the family had already eaten.

Before the defense cross examined the son, the attorney for the defense told the judge that he and his client had been arguing and that Jimmy Jones Sr. wanted to dismiss him. The judge would not allow it. The defense went forward with the trial, cross-examining the son. They questioned the boy as to which family member did the actual beating and asked him if he had ever asked his father to go to the hospital for the injuries, to which the boy said no.

After the prosecution rested, Jimmy Jones Sr. elected to take the stand. His attorney confirming, with the father, documented cases of behavior issues and weight loss issues by the son. Jones Sr. said the boy set fires, killed small animals and defecated in inappropriate places around their property when he first arrived to live with them in 2013.

Jones went on to say his son was forced to sleep in the barn for the safety of the rest of the family and that had he known about the sanitation condition – which he says were only present the last three weeks the boy was in the barn – he would have done something about it.

The trial is set to continue tomorrow in Lincoln County Court.