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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A 19-year-old is now behind bars after being accused of robbing a local dispensary in the village last Friday.

Jarmal Burris has been placed in custody. Officers were searching for him, and according to a police report, he had two confirmed warrants for robbery and kidnapping.

“The first thing I noticed is the gun being drawn,” said the Along Came Mary Dispensary owner. “He was yelling obscenities when he walked in and just aggressive, very hostile.”

KFOR has obtained footage of a man entering the business wearing a red hoodie, aggressively grabbing a worker. He can be seen holding a handgun.

“The man came in aggressively grabbed the female, actually shoved her face into a glass partition there,” said Gary Knight with Oklahoma City Police. “[He] ended up demanding all the cash from the business.”

The owner saying that was not the first time the he had been there.

“Within the last week we had a man come into our shop he asked for an interview and I think he was just kind of scoping the place out,” he said.

He says that man came back a second time after that and waited outside until close.

“Our employee was closing up shop and then when they went outside he assaulted them in the parking lot,” he said.

The owner said he then returned a third time on Friday.

“He came back again the next day and hit up another employee and robbed our shop,” he said.

The owner is now helping console his employees now traumatized by what happened.

“I told them both that this could be if not is the scariest most traumatic moment in your life,” he said. “To happen so young is just is wild to me.”

Oklahoma City police say they tracked him down to an apartment complex off 122nd and Rockwell.

“Investigators were able to identify him and find a location for him in northwest Oklahoma City,” Knight said. “They set up on his vehicle waited for him to come out once he did they closed in tried to make an arrest he fled.”

They were then able to follow him through the air.

“We let Air 1 follow him from the sky,” he said. “They tracked him to an apartment complex in the northwest metropolitan area, he jumped out of his car fled on foot ultimately he was taken into custody.”

Police say he has been booked in the Oklahoma County Jail not only on robbery charges but also other charges that are still pending.