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LINCOLN COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – The Special Operations Team of District 23 said it’s investigators seized 2,200 marijuana plants worth $3 million in Jacktown on Tuesday. The team said the growers were about to take their site to the next level while bumming off of rural water and electrical grids.

“There were a lot more bays set up, but they didn’t get there,” said Pottawatomie County District Attorney Allan Grubb.

The Special Operations Team is made up of Pottawatomie and Lincoln County investigators who are dedicated to busting illegal grows in the two counties.

The team said the illegal growers were about to launch a new hydroponic operation before the bust.

Two huge electrical boxes were found inside one of the buildings. Law enforcement said the mastermind behind the operation was likely about to suck electricity from rural Lincoln County residents to grow the weed without soil.

“The rural power grids were not set up to provide this much electricity on just a simple feed,” the district attorney said.

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The medical marijuana patients’ health is also at risk. Agents said they found pesticides, like Raid, Round-up, and 2,4-D scattered along the eight greenhouse floors.

“They’ve been known to cause cancer,” said Grubb. “And when you use them in a confined space, that increases.”

Missing from the 10-acre site is a drying and processing room, a sign the toxic product may still hit the streets.

“So, we know that they’re not maintaining the product here when it’s finished,” he said.

That’s the problem the District 23 Operations team is trying to stop. Since June, agents have busted four sites within the two counties.

The man allegedly behind this grow, Jia Wang, is tied to two of them.

“We believe it’s an individual who skated OBN licenses more than once,” said DA Allan.

Wang is still on the run while his workers, some with expired visas, take the fall.

So far, no arrests have been made.