NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – Three homes on the same street in north Norman are still shaken up after being hit by an alleged burglar.

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Devon Woodmansee

Devon Woodmansee is facing felony charges in Cleveland County for the alleged crimes that took place around 9:56 p.m. on Dec. 26, 2021.

KFOR talked with residents at all three houses that are said to have been hit by the suspect on West Vida Way.

At the first house, Woodmansee allegedly punched through the window panel on the front door. The resident there said he got spooked and ran away when he made eye contact with her 12-year-old daughter, who was playing video games in the living room. They’ve since had to get a new front door.

A couple of homes down, one of their neighbors has boarded up her two back windows after Woodmansee allegedly busted them.

Next, he went to Dante Brooks’ home.

“I was sitting in my living room just having a normal evening and then I heard a really loud noise from the back of the house,” Brooks told KFOR. “It was the window breaking.”

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Vida Way, the neighborhood where the burglar struck.

When he realized a person had broken into his laundry room, he ran out of his front door and hid behind a bush at the park across the street.

“I sort of hid behind that so I could still see the door because I was on the phone with 911,” he explained. “Then when I saw he left, I could tell immediately where he was.”

Brooks said Woodmansee left more than a trace of his presence in the home.

“It was basically pools of blood everywhere on the window sill and on the laundry machine on the other side where he had cut himself when he came in through the window,” he said. “There was just a trail of blood from the back of the house all the way into the bedrooms. So it was all across the house.”

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A boarded-up window after the burglar broke into one of three homes.

Police arrested the suspect about a block away from the scene of the crimes. Woodmansee was said to have been lying on the grass with bloody hands.

“It was an invasion of privacy, obviously,” Brooks said. “I didn’t know if he was armed or anything. I have more locks on the house now. I got a brighter light for the backyard and I have some bars on the windows in the back just to stop people from climbing in again.”

Woodmansee is facing felony charges in Cleveland County for one count of first-degree burglary and two counts of attempted burglary in the first degree.