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OKLAHOMA COUNTY (KFOR) – Four medical marijuana dispensaries were burglarized early Wednesday morning, and authorities are working to catch the culprits.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office and Harrah Police Department are investigating the burglaries, as well as an attempted burglary.

One burglary occurred in Oklahoma City and three in Harrah, according to Aaron Brilbeck with the Sheriff’s Office.

Surveillance videos show four suspects pull up to the dispensaries in what appears to be a silver Chevy, possibly a Cruze, according to Brilbeck.

The above footage shows the suspects, who appear to be wearing hoodies and face masks, split into twos as they approach a dispensary entrance, two moving to one side of the entrance and the other two moving to the other side. They check to see if the coast is clear, then converge at the entrance and smash their way in using a hammer.

“The suspects can be seen breaking through glass doors, doors, damaging the shops and stealing large amounts of marijuana, edibles and paraphernalia,” Brilbeck said.

The burglarized dispensaries are as follows:

  • The Gas Station, 14022 SE 29th St., Oklahoma City
  • Green Leaf, 21001 SE 29th St., Harrah
  • ZepDro, 20107 NE 23rd, Harrah
  • Rocky’s 20412 NE 23rd, Harrah

Anyone who has information on the burglaries or the suspects involved is asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office at (405) 869-2501.