OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Fifty Oklahomans from 22 different countries will now be united as one after taking the oath of allegiance to become United States citizens during a mass naturalization ceremony at the Oklahoma City Blue game Friday.

Families watched as the 50 Oklahomans took the oath with each one having different reasons for taking the long, but worthy journey.

“I met my husband here and we fell in love then he proposed, and we started working on the process,” said Reema Burger.

Rupak Gautam came to the United States from Nepal, building a successful business in Oklahoma.

“I came here with nothing,” said Gautam. “Like the Drake song says, it started from the bottom. Now I’m here.”

For Alma Quiroz, she has been living in Oklahoma for the past 20 years and was finally able to own a home which allowed her to officially begin the naturalization process.

“This process was very difficult for me for a long, long time, but finally, I’m here,” said Quiroz.

The Honorable Suzanne Mitchell, of the Western District of Oklahoma, asked each person to raise their right hand then read the oath during the mass ceremony.

“I can only imagine the pride that you feel, pride in where you come from, pride in who you are, and in the lives you’ve built together in America,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell proudly proclaiming the words “you are all United States’ citizens” to finish the ceremony. Many seen waving American flags, taking pictures, and crying tears of joy.

The group also received a welcome message from President Joe Biden, played over the big screen inside the Paycom Center.