TULSA, Okla. (KFOR) – Two organizations are asking for help following an investigation into a dog breeder in Oklahoma.

Last week, Oklahoma Alliance for Animals was contacted by the Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Office about a possible animal cruelty and neglect case involving more than a dozen dogs from a breeder.

After a search warrant was served, it was determined that there were way more than a dozen dogs in need of help.

Instead, officials say there were 75 large dogs living on the property. There were also countless deceased dogs on the property.

OAA then asked the Tulsa SPCA for help, and that organization made plans to house 64 of the dogs.

“The conditions of the dogs are- simply put- horrific. They are extremely matted. They are caked in feces and urine. And nearly all the dogs are suffering from anemia related to truly incomprehensible infestations of fleas, ticks, and maggots. Multiple dogs are receiving advanced medical treatment due to severe blood loss, and sadly one has had to be humanely euthanized due to her condition,” the Tulsa SPCA posted on Facebook.

Organizers say they believe the dogs belonged to a licensed breeder and came from a puppy mill.

“They lived, ate, drank, slept, and bred in small hot pens in their own filth,” the Tulsa SPCA wrote.

Now, the organizations are asking for help from the public.

Officials say they need volunteers to clean, feed, and socialize the dogs. They say that many of the animals have had very little human interaction and have no concept of a leash or a kind human touch.

If you would like to volunteer, email giving@tulsaspca.org.

Fosters are also needed and can also begin the process by emailing giving@tulsaspca.org.

Organizers say the dogs also are going to need extensive medical care and grooming, which is going to be expensive. OAA and the Tulsa SPCA are raising funds to help cover the dogs’ medical care. If you would like to help financially, click here.

You can also purchase items for the shelter’s Amazon Wish List.