MIDWEST CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – An elderly woman living in a Midwest City apartment community said her central air conditioning unit has been broken for about a month and a half, and the complex hasn’t fixed it.

“If you know this needs to be done, how come you’re not doing it?” said Evelyn Rockwell. “How come I have to keep calling you and asking you to do this?”

Rockwell said she is just happy the past couple days in Oklahoma City haven’t been sweltering.

That’s because she said her central air conditioning unit behind her home hasn’t been working since late June and she’s still waiting for someone to fix it.

“I was able to stay in here four days and then my children got really worried about me,” Rockwell said.

Rockwell, 76, said she’s lived in that complex for 13 years.

Just about a month and a half ago, what appears to be a tree root grew though a concrete slab and got into the wiring of the central heat and air unit.

After it broke, she said the heat became unbearable, forcing her to live with relatives at times just to stay cool.

Now, her son took action into his own hands, buying her a window unit to help beat the summer heat.

“If my son hadn’t gotten me this, I’d still be somewhere,” she said.

Meanwhile, Rockwell still continues to wait for repairs. KFOR reached out to the complex office for answers.

“I would say based on our policy that I am not making a comment,” said a person over the phone when we called.

The person on the phone said Rockwell has been informed as to what’s being done and that it is being handled.

They couldn’t tell us how long the air had been out, but Rockwell is hoping it can get fixed by the fall. If it doesn’t, she can’t warm her house as the temperatures drop.

“I need it done now!” she said.