OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The 90-year-old man suspected of shooting his business partner multiple times at an office building on Waterford Boulevard in Oklahoma City last Thursday has been fired, according to officials at financial firm Morgan Stanley.

Leonard David Bernstein is accused of allegedly shooting his co-worker, Chris Bayouth, several times with a .380 caliber handgun before fleeing the scene.

In the emailed statement to KFOR Wednesday, Morgan Stanley officials confirmed Leonard David Bernstein had been dismissed, saying, “We are cooperating with the authorities and our thoughts are with our employee [Bayouth].” 

Court documents from July 5 indicate that Bayouth was taken to OU Medical Center for treatment, where he remains in hospital care.

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Leonard David Bernstein

A probable cause affidavit showed Oklahoma City police officers responding to the call on June 30, confronted Bernstein before arresting him at N.W. 63rd Street and May Avenue.

“They [officers] were able to observe that vehicle in the area, made a traffic stop, ultimately took the suspect into custody,” OKCPD Sgt. Dillon Quirk said to KFOR previously.

Quirk confirmed in the same interview that the two were work associates.

A probable cause affidavit revealed more details, including that Mr. Bernstein and Mr. Bayouth had been business partners for nine months, that Bernstein’s health had declined and that he’d decided to hand over his accounts to Bayouth.

Additional court documents show that criminal proceedings have been initiated and there is enough evidence to charge him with shooting with intent to kill; however, a criminal defense attorney told KFOR more information is needed to move forward with the case.

“For someone to be 90 years old and to show up and start shooting people, obviously, is a very unusual circumstance,” said attorney Scott Adams. “But certainly someone his age with no [history], that’s, you know, be the number one thing I would be looking at, is his medical history, and have a full evaluation done.”

Bernstein has been released from custody on $50,000 bail.

KFOR called a number listed for Bernstein, but it went straight to voicemail; court documents inspected on Wednesday did not list an attorney for him.