NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – A Norman woman is recalling what she heard while a suspect shot two people, killing one of them, then getting into a gunfight with police.

“It was a little hard, but I’m not the one that was most affected,” said Kaeleigh Bartle.

Bartle is a hairstylist at the local salon Roots. She said she was about to close up shop for the night when she thought she heard a car backfire in a nearby alley. At first, Bartle didn’t think anything of it.

“I was actually unlocking the door to leave and I heard two more gunshots. So, I locked the door and called 911,” Bartle said. “I said that I heard what I believed to be two gunshots, and the 911 dispatcher informed me that it was indeed two gunshots and a unit was on the way and to just stay safe. So, I sat inside and waited.”

Norman police rushed to the scene, near Porter and Comanche. That’s where two people had been shot in a drive-by shooting. One of the victims later died from their wounds. However, the shots didn’t stop when officers arrived.

“The police arrived and I heard a rapid exchange of fire,” she said. “I hoped everybody was okay.”

Norman Police crime scene

Police said when officers found one of the unnamed suspects, they started shooting back at officers. Police returned fire and hit him. Bartle heard it all unfold.

“I’m surrounded by brick walls. I was okay,” she said. “However, nobody came and checked on me. The detective even came by today looking for me and got my phone number, and I still have not been contacted for my statement.”

So far, no names have been released.

The suspects and one of the two victims were taken to the hospital.

Police said the officer involved is now on administrative leave while the department investigates.

We’re told the district attorney will release more information after the officer’s body camera video is looked at on Monday.