CLEVELAND COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – A tip from the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children led to a disturbing discovery in Cleveland County. 

“This is a lot of child pornography this guy was able to obtain,” said Hunter McKee, a spokesman for the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office. 

Christopher Barger. Image from the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office.

Back in July of this year, investigators searched 38-year-old Christopher Barger’s home, taking three computers and two cell phones. 

“There were 2.3 million files from those devices, and it was a big majority of those of the 2.3 million were child pornography,” said McKee. “That takes a while to go through and investigate how much he had, what it was being used for, and when they had enough information that went back and served the warrant yesterday afternoon.”

Court records reveal the troubling details of some of the images, which are far too graphic to publish. 

With Barger now booked in the Cleveland County Justice Center facing felony charges, the sheriff’s office hopes this story will remind parents to talk to their kids about what they do online. 

“They really have to be careful with the devices that they use and who they’re talking to when they’re talking to them,” said McKee. 

Lieutenant John Szymanski added, “Monitor the devices your children are on, make sure they’re not sending pictures to anybody, try to keep that from happening…”. 

Barger is set to be in court on Oct. 11.