DELY CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – After all lanes have opened, drivers are frustrated with a dip in I-40 westbound in Del City.

KFOR received an email from a viewer last week about the situation.

“After years of construction, the road has finally opened up all lanes to traffic but the left land of I-40 West bound over Sooner Road has a huge dip in it that’s already showing marks of people bottoming out,” said the viewer.

Wednesday morning, we drove through the dip to see it for ourselves.

In the company SUV, our dashcam showed a noticeable drop in the road. KFOR’s vehicle is lifted off the ground, but a car lower to the ground would struggle to get through it.

“It bent the driver front wheel going over it and everything,” said Corey Reed, a driver frustrated at the lack of signage. “I mean, you can’t see it at night. And even during the day, you can still barely see it because the sign is right on the actual bump itself.”

There are no warning signs leading up to the dip. A “Bump” sign immediately next to it is the only heads up.

“We are aware of the bump,” said Bryce Boyer, a spokesman for the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. “ODOT crews, along with crews from our contractor, are monitoring it and are tentatively scheduled to repair it this weekend. Motorists should expect westbound I-40 to be narrowed while repairs are underway.”

Boyer said temperature can play a factor in the repairs.

“Colder temperatures can make repairs take longer,” said the ODOT spokesman. “Consistently warmer temperatures can help shorten the time for the concrete to set up.”

According to the 4Warn weather forecast, the Oklahoma City area will see highs of 49-59 degrees starting Friday until next Tuesday.

Boyer said drivers need to be cautious during this time because the area is still a work zone.

Corey Reed rides his motorcycle to work every day. He said that dip could be deadly to riders like him.

“It’s easy to lose control on a bike,” said Reed. “A lot easier than it is in a car and can be a real fatal for somebody.”

Officials say westbound I-40 will be narrowed to one lane from Hudiburg Dr. to 15th St., beginning at 8 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 6 until 4 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 8.

Crews are expected to fix the bump in the left driving lane.