OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (KFOR) — A license plate mix up drove one Oklahoma City man to ask KFOR for help. 

 “It’s very frustrating,” said Lucky Lofton. “I don’t want to be put in collections for something we didn’t do.”

Lofton says in December he was shocked to find that he received a toll violation from the State of Illinois in the mail, charging him for three unpaid tolls. 

“We’ve never been to Illinois, and so we couldn’t figure it out,” said Lofton. 

His confusion only grew when he scanned the QR code on the notice and saw the picture of the car that the tollway flagged. 

“I was surprised to see that it was the same numbers as on our car,” said Lofton. 

While the characters on the two license plates were the exact same and both cars were from Oklahoma, there was one big difference. 

Lofton’s license plate was issued by the State of Oklahoma. However, the car that the notice had a picture of, and should’ve fined, appears to have a tag issued by the Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma. 

“I called the tag agency, you know, they gave us the information that, you know, this does happen there. There unfortunately isn’t coordination between the two permitting agencies,” said Lofton. “The state of Illinois may not understand that there’s, you know, two different entities that they’re dealing with.”

Lofton said he’s tried to dispute the fine with the Illinois Tollway agency but was denied. He even got a second notice in the mail a few days ago. 

“They told me that my dispute had been denied and that if I don’t pay the fines, they’ll put me in collections,” said Lofton. 

Since he wasn’t getting anywhere, KFOR reached out to the agency on his behalf. 

A spokesman told us: 

“We’re reviewing this matter and are hopeful we will be able to come to a satisfactory resolution.”

  • Dan Rozek, Sr. Manager of Communications, Illinois Tollway

The agency added that they’ll likely have more information about this situation for us on Wednesday and will let us know what steps they’re taking towards a resolution.