EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – A holiday miracle for one metro business owner after her family was hours away from ending her life support.

Rachel Foster is the head chef and owner of Moni’s Pasta and Pizza in Edmond.

She and John Foster, her husband, were out riding on electric scooters in their neighborhood.

John said his wife was leading the way, and suddenly, she fell off her scooter.

He found her unresponsive and called 9-1-1.

Rachel was taken to OU Health, and it was realized by doctors that she had experienced serious head trauma.

“They basically said a severely catastrophic brain injury, which I later found in medical literature, is a term for pretty much the worst type of brain injury, where there’s not really a chance of coming back,” said John.

For 10 days, Rachel was not breathing on her own.

“It took me a while to understand that day that she wasn’t breathing, that it was the ventilator that was breathing for her,” said John.

John and his family had to decide whether to keep Rachel on life support or pull the plug and fulfill her wishes of being an organ donor.

“I felt in my spirit that it was done and I didn’t know what that meant,” said Rachel’s husband. “I didn’t know if that meant she was healed. I didn’t know if that meant it was time to release her.”

It was Saturday November 19, one day before Rachel would be removed from life support, and the unthinkable happened.

Rachel woke up.

“The doctor sprinted into the room, grabbed her hand,” said John, filled with emotion. “He started yelling, Rachel, Rachel. He grabbed her hand, said, Rachel, if you can hear me, squeeze my hand. And she squeezed his hand really hard. He said, Rachel, if you could hear me wiggle your toes. You know, both of her feet started wiggling.”

John said Rachel was not yet breathing.

 “He turned the ventilator off and there was no breath. And he said, Rachel, you have to breathe now. You have to breathe. And we sat and we waited and it seemed like an eternity. And it was probably like three or 4 seconds and there was a breath from her,” said John.

For Rachel’s family, the only explanation for her recovery was that this event was a “bona fide miracle.”

John said during the last couple of weeks, he has been spending the night and mornings with Rachel and tending to the business in the afternoon.

A GoFundMe has been set up to support the Foster’s.

The restaurant owners said they dropped their own health care coverage to help support the business during the pandemic, and any support for medical costs would help tremendously.

John is now able to communicate with his wife, who is said to be making great progress.

“We have inside jokes, we have memories,” said John, with a smile of appreciation. “She’s blown away by the amount of support and love that she’s been getting.”