OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A metro woman has been sentenced in a child abuse case dating back to 2018.

Taylor Ainsworth-Hudson was led away in handcuffs and shackles shortly after hearing her fate in an Oklahoma County courtroom on Thursday afternoon.

She declined to speak with KFOR.

“The judge split the baby, so to speak and Ms. Hudson was sentenced to five [years] in, five out,” said her attorney Joy Miskel.

That sentence was for a Midwest City child abuse case dating back to August 2018, when Ainsworth-Hudson’s sister called Midwest City Police, claiming the woman admitted to their mother that she had beaten her then boyfriend’s 9-year-old son.

Ainsworth-Hudson and Cody Wayne Hudson have since married.

Court records show police were alerted to the abuse after the sister called for a welfare check.

When officers showed up to the home in the 1400 block of McGregor Drive, Ainsworth-Hudson and the boy’s biological father Cody Wayne Hudson, claimed the boy had been away for the weekend.

However, police searched a second time, this time finding the boy “in the washing machine covered by a blanket,” according to court documents, where he was allegedly told by the couple to hide while police were at the home.

Sitting outside the courtroom, family members said the day’s outcome was long overdue.

“[The children] were withheld from food and drink [and] they were subjected to beatings everywhere,” said Jamie Solis Douglas, a cousin.

“How could a biological or step parent at all lay their hands continuously over and over and over on a nine-year-old and a six-year-old,” she continued.

“[She is] a monster, just a horrible, horrible monster and a very egregious person all around.”

Inside the courtroom, Judge Amy Palumbo said she took a lot of time to review, compare and contrast the details of the case before telling Ainsworth-Hudson her sentencing decision was the product of Taylor’s “systematic and ongoing bad decisions”.

“I believe the decision that the judge made today was a just one and a fair one,” said Miskel.

“Ms. Hudson was very young when this happened. She’s grown up a lot, and I think she’s understood the errors of her ways. I dont think she’s going to come out and re-offend whatsoever,” she added.

However, after the chronic abuse, Solis Douglas said she was concerned Ainsworth-Hudson had not learned her lesson.

“I wish she could get more than five years. I wish she could go for life for what she did to those boys because the effects are going to last forever on them,” she said.

Cody Wayne Hudson was also convicted of child abuse and previously sentenced.