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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – It is a case Oklahomans are familiar with and so are people around the world – the 1999 murder of an Edmond father.

Paul Howell was only 45 years old when he was shot to death in his own driveway in front of his sister and two young daughters. In recent years, there has been a very public campaign to free his convicted killer, Julius Jones, from death row. For more than two decades the Howell family has remained silent. They have never spoken publicly until now. Joleen Chaney has a preview.

“He was a great dad,” Rachel Howell said. “I have a lot of memories of him. He loved me and my sister very much. He did basically anything that a dad would do with his daughters. Took us down to the park. We’d play. He was a great dad.”

Paul Howell loved his daughters.

“He loved his girls more than anything in the whole world,” Paul Howell’s sister, Megan Howell Tobey, said.

July 28, 1999. Rachel was nine years old. Her little sister, Abby, 7.

“My mother had fixed enchilada pie for everybody,” Megan said.

After dinner, Paul and Megan took the girls shopping for school supplies.

“We went to Target that night, and we had lots of fun,” Megan said. “We stopped off at Braum’s, got ice cream and then we came home.”

They were completely unaware that they were being followed.

“When we pulled up in the driveway and stopped, and my dad had kind of cracked the door open. I looked over. I was sitting right behind him, right behind my dad. I was in the backseat right behind the driver’s seat, and I looked over and saw Julius Jones walking up to the car,” Rachel said ” I saw him walking up, and I remember waving, because I’m a child. I don’t know what’s about to happen. I just remember kind of waving and he literally shot my dad in the head and did not say a word.”

And for the next 22 years neither did Paul Howell’s family – until now.

“I am continually being contacted being asking for an interview,” Megan said.

“Have you ever done one?”

“Today,” Megan said.

Seven members of the Howell family sit down exclusively with KFOR News. For the first time, hear their side of the story. “A Time to Speak” airs Sunday night, Sept. 12, after the football game.